Passionate about the Powerful and Scared Virtues of Stones and convinced of their Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Hollistic Benefits, LAUREN STEVEN launches, in March 2017, its first collection of « LAUREN STEVEN DESIGN » bracelets.

Each model is designed in France, with high quality natural stones, and is then assembled in Bali, Indonesia, by experienced craftsmen.

A purification ritual is then carried out with white sage on each bracelet so that the stones used regain their greatest purity. 

The first collection is a great success, first in France, but it also very quickly exported to Switzerland, Spain, the United States and even the West Indies !

LAUREN STEVEN then expands its collection, by integrating new stones or by creating new combinations of stones in order to optimize their virtues... And this is how « LAUREN STEVEN DESIGN » quickly becomes the Flagship Brand of Bracelets for all Elegant, Stylish and Trendy, Men, in search of Spirituality!

LAUREN STEVEN then launches a second brand, « LAUREN STEVEN EXCLUSIVE », comprising more refined bracelets, which also is a huge success !

Then, in homage to his daughter, Mary, he develops a collection of bracelets for women, bearing the name « MARY STEVEN », comprising magnificent Mala Bracelets, made of natural stones and which can be used in meditation for the recitation of prayers and mantras.

LAUREN STEVEN has now selected more than 450 jewelry stores, fashion boutiques and high-end stores around the world to house his collections... and is already looking to new horizons!